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Thermostat is a valve. This valve controls engine temperature by opening and closing, to control the flow of water through the engine, in manner that matches the requirements of the engine at any given moment. A controlled chemical reaction is used in place of electricity to actuate the thermostat.

Inline Type - W

Inline type usually doesn’t have a bottom-bypass-valve. This is installed to the outlet of the engine cooling circuit. This type is said to be the original of modern thermostats, and is higher and more compact than another type. The replacement of the thermostat is also easy.

Bottom Bypass Type - WV

Bottom Bypass type has a bypass-valve on the bottom. It is mainly used in Inlet of the engine cooling circuit. As water temperature rises in the engine, the bypass-valve slowly shuts bypass hole. This allow more water to flow into the radiator.These days, most engines use this type.

Sub Valve Type - WW

Sub Valve type has not only a main valve, but also a small valve with a small element.It was developed to reduce water cycling which otherwise has a bad effect on the engine.

Side Bypass Type - WS

Side Bypass type has a bypass-valve on the side. It is mainly used in Inlet of the engine cooling circuit. As water temperature rises in the engine, the bypass-valve slowly shuts bypass hole. This allow more water to flow into the radiator.

Housing Integrated Type - WH

As an advance type of thermostat, this product combines the water inlet the thermostat as a single unit. The material of the water inlet is Aluminum or plastic. In particular, the plastic type requires significantly higher quality standards than the aluminum type. It was developed by stringent evaluation, and with the OEM’s unique technology. The advantage of the integrated thermostat is weight reduction, water flow increment and other improvements by wide design. It will be the latest trend in the near future.

If the thermostat does not open, it will cause the engine to overheat by not allowing cool water to flow around the engine.On the other hand, if the thermostat stays open, it will cause overcooling. Continued overheating and overcooling will cause significant damage to the engine. In the case of overcooling, it will inhibit the purification of exhaust gas.In addition, it will affect heater performance during the winter season.

All of our thermostats are manufactured by OEM’s.Therefore, you can expect the same quality standards for reliability and durability. The followings are the common factors that lead to engine or thermostats failure.

1. Using improper thermostat
2. Air is trapped due to poor design, leading to improper engine temperature
3. Engine temperature increases because of poor performance
4. Coolant deterioration or corrosion.
5. Other reasons

Thermostats are indeed items that need after prolonged use. We recommend that you replace your thermostat every 2 years or every 32,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Thermo Switch

Wax Type - TS/BS

This type is designed by a unique technology. It can operate on-off automatically by the expanding and contracting of the wax element.

Bimetal Type - BS

The switch uses bimetal. It is higher and smaller than the wax type. This is the latest evolution.

Reed Type - LS

This switch uses a lead element which can detect variation of magnetic force transformed by water temperature.In the series of switches, it is an older design than the other two switches introduced.

Thermo Sensor

Water Temperature Sensor - HS

This product has a built in NTC thermistor. It can express various levels of resistance, depending upon water temperature, to the ECU.It is an indispensable component for ECU-equipped engines.

Gauge Sensor - GS

This product also has a built in NTC thermistor. The thermistor differs from the water temperature sensor by detecting variations in water temperature. Temperature changes are expressed as electric current changes, which then determine the position of heat gage.

Dual Sensor - CS

This type is an integrated water sensor and sensor for water gage.It was developed for OEM’s original technology.

Oil Pressure Switch

Oil Pressure Switch - PS

This switch uses special material for high temperature resistance.